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You’ll Never Guess What James Altucher Did LIVE In a New York Coffee Shop…

When ex-hedge-fund manager James Altucher invited us up to New York City… and took us to one of his favorite coffee shops… we had NO idea what he would do.

Suffice to say, it was incredible… even “magical.” Watch the clip here.

It involves a young professional… a computer… and a little “trick” he taught her, about generating huge wads of cash — in her case close to $650 — in the stock market.

James reveals how he does it — live on camera — at this link.

Famous Millionaire: “Amazon Is About to SHOCK America’s Retirement”

They called him a “con artist” and accused him of “pulling a stunt…”
All because of this possible Amazon move that could change the retirement of millions of Americans.
But now all the haters are eating their words.
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This $15 Trillion BOOM Could Happen at Any Second!

It’s the biggest wealth explosion that NOBODY is talking about…
It hasn’t hit the mainstream media yet…
You won’t find it in newspaper headlines…
Analysts will be totally blindsided!
A famous venture capitalist is revealing the “insider” details just before the biggest tech revolution in history explodes onto the scene.
And there isn’t much time left to get into position to make a fortune…
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