This unique research service will help you profit from legal marijuana stocks in two ways: 1) selling put options to generate income and 2) buying tiny pot stocks to maximize our profit potential.

By applying this brilliant income strategy to a carefully selected group of marijuana stocks, we’ll show you how to take advantage of the growing pot market — and generate instant “pot paychecks” almost any time you like.

We don't know of anybody else who's doing this right now. But we’re certain the timing is right for this kind of service.

Let’s be honest, options trading makes some people nervous. They think it’s risky — somewhat like gambling. If used the wrong way, it really can be.

But that’s not our strategy here. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We focus on the safest legal marijuana stocks in the market today to bring you a steady stream of income.

You see, we’ll use our special filters and our extensive network to screen every possible marijuana company to use as the underlying share. That means screening out the stocks that just aren't liquid enough, trusted enough or backed by sound enough financials.

Next, we'll factor in the rest of the market headlines. Let me be clear, any market strategy that involves marijuana stocks is going to have special considerations — at least until the U.S. manages to legalize it in every state.

But that doesn't mean you can't immediately start collecting instant “pot paychecks” no matter what the legal status is in your state.

This is a reliable way to generate income over and over again and, most importantly, it is safe.

In up markets, we always collect income — earning incredible, safe returns you can't find anywhere else.

In sideways markets, we also collect that same income.

And in down markets and disasters, we STILL collect the income and we get the opportunity to buy incredible companies at huge discounts to what they are ultimately worth.

Become a member of Altucher’s 420% Syndicate today and see what all the buzz is about.

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